Anti-epidemic measures before Easter in Germany. Comment by Kapka Todorova


In response to the third wave of the coronavirus, Germany extended the strict measures for another three weeks, instead of undertaking a gradual re-opening as planned. It became clear, however, that there would be no complete lockdown during Easter next week. Kapka Todorova tells more details about the measures.

A day after the unprecedentedly strict measures were introduced, Chancellor Merkel withdrew some of them and even apologized to German citizens, as it became clear that the country could not be closed for 6 days as planned, including shops not working. At Easter, grocery stores will work with their normal working hours.

Easter in the country coincides with the elections in Bulgaria. This time a record number of polling stations were opened in Germany – 69. There were polling stations in almost every region and the Bulgarians living around have the opportunity to vote, said Kapka Todorova. Due to the strict measures against the coronavirus, an inquiry has been submitted on how to conduct the elections and a response from Germany is currently awaited. It is very likely that this decision will be made at local level, as the measures now apply to everyone, but each province and each city could, depending on the availability of police forces, which will have to take care of the keeping of distance. For now, it is quite unclear how exactly the elections will take place and whether all 69 polling stations will be opened, but this will become clear in a few days, she said.