Digital transformation of the power transmission system


More than half of Bulgarians, or 52%, say they would use the cheapest source of energy to heat, no matter what it is. The decision does not seem strange against the background of our low incomes.

In addition, according to a survey by Trend Agency, 2/3 of Bulgarians or 74% do not know at all what a „green deal“ is, what are the European Union’s priorities in terms of green energy, do not know what are the measures for cleaner air, what the future of renewables is all about. However, our country has set goals along this line – by 2024 the share of renewable sources to increase to 24%, and carbon emissions from our economy to decrease by 10%.

The implementation of the „green deal“ in Bulgaria will take place along several lines, but two main ones. These are the Reconstruction and Development Plan and the Fair Transition Fund. In the autumn we knew that the total amount of them for green policy amounted to almost BGN 7 billion. It is now about 6 and a half billion. Why is this reduction?

A few days ago, the recovery plan was redrawn. In the first option for a „green deal“ we spent 37% of the total European funds. Now they are almost 35%.

One of the most severely trimmed items in the plan is retrofitting. The total amount there is greatly reduced. What else will change?