Do European leaders have a clear vision of the future of Europe and the citizens’ agenda?


On Europe Day, the European Parliament launched the Conference on the Future of Our Continent. Interview with Toni Nikolov, journalist.

The project for the conference on the future of Europe began two years ago and has been delayed, not least because of the pandemic. According to Toni Nikolov, America may envy Europe’s solidarity, but what Europe does not have is the ability to make quick and pragmatic decisions. „Europe is very heavy, it is difficult to make decisions,“ said Toni Nikolov, and this is due not only to the fact that the EU has 27 member states. Simplifying the decision-making mechanism is not so easy. At least 11 countries are against „touching“ EU treaties. In the COVID crisis, Europe managed to save more lives than its economy. The European Parliament wants more opportunity for legislative initiatives. But how is this met at national level during the European elections? Citizens seem to be restrained because this means granting more rights to the European Parliament.