EP vote on the admission of Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia to Schengen


As you know, the European Parliament confirmed in its debate the need for Bulgaria’s accession to the Schengen area and called on the European Council to take immediate action to admit Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia to Schengen. How the debates went and what is about to happen – see in the video by our correspondent in Brussels Desislava Apostolova.


Ylva Johansson – EU Commissioner for Home Affairs:

„Let the summer of 2021 be the summer of freedom. Let this inspire us to fully restore freedom of movement and prepare Schengen for the future so that our children can travel, follow and live wherever they want in Europe and whenever they want. And let’s complete the Schengen area – it’s time for Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia to take their places in it.“

Tanja Fajon – MEP from the Group of the Socialists and Democracy:

„We want to complete the construction of the Schengen area. Bulgaria and Romania have been in the Schengen waiting room for more than a decade. Croatia is well on its way and also awaits a decision. But the decision for this is in the hands of the Member States. We cannot accept a two-speed Europe in Parliament. „

The EP has also debated the new law on the LGBT community in Hungary and the problems with the rule of law in Hungary and beyond. Both topics have been in the spotlight lately, they even got involved in the football championship. What’s new?