France introduces new measures against Covid-19


As of today, schools in France are closing, and the number of those infected in the country has increased almost thee fold. Nikola Stoynov commented on the measures and stressed that on Sunday Bulgarians will have no problems voting, as there is a special diplomatic permit.

A week earlier, the French authorities had announced that they were closing everything but the schools because it was an investment. With the latest measures, even schools are being closed because the number of Covid-19 cases has increased almost three times, Nikola Stoynov said. This affects students of all ages who will not go to school for three weeks. At the same time, however, a two-week vacation has been announced for all students. The rest of the time teaching will be remotely.

However, President Macron has given some tolerance for compliance with the measures for those people who will travel for Easter. Specifically, Bulgarians in France will have no problem voting because there is a special permit issued through diplomacy. Bulgarians will be able to get their documents online and whoever wants will be able to vote.