How tourism in Europe will recover and the measures in Croatia


Tourism is one of the most affected industries due to the spread of the coronavirus. The EU is taking steps for a safe and coordinated approach so that mobility and connectivity can be gradually restored as soon as the health situation allows – to help restore tourism and provide the conditions for a more sustainable development of the sector. Discussion on these issues with Violeta Staničić, Head of the European Parliament’s Information Office in Croatia.

The European Union is seeking a common solution, notably through its Recovery Plan, to face the pandemic blow to the EU economy, Violeta Staničić said. The specific decisions for each member state after receiving the agreed funds – how they will be distributed, what kind of industry they will support – it depends on national governments. Croatia receives 6.5 billion. The Croatian government has announced 6 areas in which these funds will be allocated as a priority. The area in which more than 50% of the funds will go – one of the sub-priorities in this area is tourism, she said.