MEP Iskra Mihailova: The Recovery and Resilience Plan should be revised


Unfortunately, the EU member states are trying to solve economic issues on their own, but our experience shows that this is not the most successful option. As far as the pandemic crisis is concerned, we already know that individual attempts are doomed to failure, it is much better to unite the efforts of the member states, Iskra Mihailova – MEP from the MRF told BNT programme „More from the Day“.

„Along with the elections, we forgot, in Bulgaria, to mention the fact that the European Commission issued a special statement, which includes options for reactions, opportunities. It gave member states opportunities to orient themselves and see what works best for them, “ Mihaylova said.

She added that there would be a meeting of energy ministers with Commissioner Kadri Simpson next week.

„I will chair the preparatory meeting of the Renew Europe ministers. The measures are starting at European level – integrated gas supplies to overcome rising gas prices, combined supplies that will lead to lower prices by going through national business support schemes. Finally, support schemes for individual households have been reached. Bulgaria has not yet defined what energy activity is. The Recovery and Resilience Plan plans to develop a strategy to determine the importance of determining energy poverty. It would be very difficult for us to help people who will need direct help now. The MRF group will support the strategy when it comes to measures that would make life easier for Bulgarian citizens,“ said Iskra Mihailova.

According to her, the budget voted by the European Parliament for 2022 is the most luxurious budget.

„Parliament has managed to impose its vision for a budget increase on key programmes such as Horizon Europe for scientific research, the Health programme, which will help procure vaccines. The budget also includes the distribution of funds between the member states for the implementation of the operational programmes under the Structural Funds. Bulgaria does not seem to enjoy this budget much. As our Plan has not been approved, ie we cannot expect payments under it, our operational programmes have not been agreed. And we are back on the domestic political agenda, we need a government,“ Mihailova said.

„Bulgaria will not lose funds, it will simply not receive them. The country needs to be proactive in order to be able to get involved in these processes,“ she said.

Mihailova also said that the European Parliament is currently working on a large legislative package of 14 legislative dossiers, which define the EU’s policy on reducing emissions by 55% by 2030. Deciding on mines and coal-fired power plants is very important and requires a quick solution with all the accompanying social measures, added Mihailova.

What confuses her in Bulgaria’s Plan for Recovery and Resilience is that it meets the basic requirements, but pays great attention to the preparation of strategies, plans, investment in new administrative structures. Mihaylova believes that the plan should be revised.

„We lost a year, we are already wondering how to support the business. We are hesitating between one position and another,” added Iskra Mihailova.