Outgoing Deputy PM Donchev: I have not received a single proposal by other political forces for changes to the Recovery Plan


The recovery and sustainability plan is now available, most things and parameters are known. By 2026, we expect about BGN 12.6 billion in grants. The first draft was published at the end of last year. It was then edited. The major change was that less resources were allocated to green policies – but a specific focus was placed on the Maritza Basin region, because coal-fired power plants would sooner or later stop working on coal.

The third option is now the focus of discussions and debates, where there are changes again, for example, the funds for green policy have been increased again. There is a slight increase in the funds for rehabilitation, for the development of hydrogen, as well as for digitalization – both for businesses and people.

Will the dispute take shape, will we submit the plan to the EC in time and, above all, who will submit it?

An instructive deadline until April 30 is set out in the regulation, so that Member States can mobilize and work within the deadlines. This was stated for BUSINESS.BG by the outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev. The deadline for submitting the plans is mid-2022. There is no need for the plan to be ratified by parliament, he said.


„My remark that it is not right for the Plan to be submitted by a government that probably has a week or two to work was caused by the fact that 5 of the political forces participating in this parliament in the last two months have made a number of announcements that this Plan is not good that they have alternative plans, proposals for changes or proposals for revisions. The plan will be implemented over the next 5 years and should be submitted by a government with a longer political horizon. I did not see any specific proposals for revision of the Plan. I have not received a specific proposal for change from any political force, or an alternative plan or even parameters that need to be revised, “ Donchev explained.