Petar Vitanov: The procedure for the vaccination certificate should end on June 21


The European Parliament discussed at today’s sitting the issuance of a vaccination certificate that will allow us to travel.

MEP Petar Vitanov is taking part in today’s parliamentary session.

„The procedure should end on June 21 and then we have this certificate, which will facilitate the travel of EU citizens within the EU. It can be digital or on paper, depending on the preferences,“ he said in the BNT show „More from the Day”.

He also announced that the purpose of this certificate is to have the same measures, not only when entering a foreign country, but also when returning to our own.

„The certificate contains three components – a vaccination certificate for those who have been vaccinated, with a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency, but also some countries can accept vaccines that are not approved by the European Medicines Agency, there is a certificate of recovery who had been ill with Covid, and there is a third component for those who do not fall into one of the two categories – a negative PCR test,“ said Peter Vitanov.


The MEP clarified that there will be no fee for issuing this document. „We also demanded that the PCR  test be free of charge, same as the vaccines.  We managed to make it possible for the antibody test to be used as proof of the Covid infection.”

„The goal with this certificate is to save some 700-800 BGN for a family of four for PCR tests and quarantine when crossing the border. We, from the group of socialists, demanded that the duration of this certificate be limited. We believe that even if there is a pandemic situation, this certificate should not be used for more than 12 months, if then there is a need, the commission can propose a new regulation,“ said the MEP.

Vitanov also clarified that this is not a mandatory travel document, but the rules and legislation of the country to which you are traveling will have to be observed.