The energy crisis in Europe – what can Bulgaria do?


Record high energy prices across Europe was the topic of this edition of the BNT programme “Referendum”. A special survey by Alpha Research polling agency for the programme shows public opinion on the most discussed issue at the moment.

According to almost 57 percent of the people, the rise in electricity prices is the result of speculative price increases in Bulgaria, 53% attribute it to poor control by the energy regulator (Energy and Water Regulatory Commission), and 46% are convinced that it is due to rising prices across Europe.

A detailed survey by Alpha Research for “Referendum” shows that almost 63% of the people see the solution to the electricity problem in the expansion of Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant.

The results from another question, the closure of coal-fired power plants, are also extremely interesting. Almost 60 percent of the respondents believe that an alternative to coal-fired power plants in the energy sector should be provided more quickly, and according to 39%, Bulgaria should strive to extend the deadline for their closure as much as possible.

However, the moratorium on electricity prices will raise prices sharply after its abolition, according to 54%. 44 percent of the respondents believe that it gives time to find a good solution.

In the programme „Referendum“ the topic of galloping energy prices, which are a great challenge for the whole European economy, was commented by MEPs Tsvetelina Penkova from PASD / BSP and Ilhan Kyuchyuk from Renew Europe / MRF, energy experts Kaloyan Staykov – Chief Economist at the Institute of Energy , and Veselin Todorov – Chairman of the Association of Traders and Producers of Natural Gas and Hydrogen, from Vienna –  Prof. Yanko Yanev – Director of the Institute for Nuclear Knowledge Management, and from Bucharest – the experienced Romanian MEP Marian Jean Marinescu.