European Union – A history of peace and unity of crises – Part 1


On May 9, 70 years ago, the Schuman Declaration laid the foundations for a unique political project – the European Union. The aim was to bring peace and a better life to Europeans. This time, the „Highlights“ feature of the „The Day Begins“ show is dedicated to Europe Day. In two special episodes, it will tell you about the past and the path that we, the Bulgarians, have walked to celebrate May 9 as European citizens.

Their content includes archive footage from the European history and from Bulgaria in the period 1950-2007 until the accession to the EU. With short highlights, the episode presents a parallel overview of the past and the crises of the EU and Bulgaria over periods of ten years. After 2007, significant events from our common recent history have been marked. The episode also examines  the EU’s international contribution to tackling the new crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.