The new international pandemic treaty


The new international treaty against pandemics – opportunities and doubts. A conversation in the studio with journalist Toni Nikolov. 25 countries, together with the World Health Organization, believe that such treaty is needed. According to them, it should be similar to the general agreements reached in international politics after the Second World War. The goal is to be prepared together to predict, detect and respond effectively to health threats. Does this mean a new world order? Toni Nikolov recalled that in November 2020, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, proposed the idea of ​​such a treaty. So far, this is a project with a „sanitary framework“, which, however, does not talk about economics and finance, according to journalist Toni Nikolov. The European Council publishes on its website a map of the countries that have so far joined in the preparation of the pandemic treaty. These are mostly European countries. There are three countries from Africa. North America is not represented at all. Toni Nikolov agreed that this is an opportunity for Europe to be a leader in new processes. This means that Europe, in the person of its main leaders – the President of the European Council, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron, is testing the idea.