What technology will be used in the electric car plant in Lovech?


New investor, new plant for electric cars. A fresh investment that provoked many skeptical comments. The company is from Germany and will use the base of the old Balkan machine-building plant in Lovech. The investment is for 140 million euros and in 2 years cars will be produced in Bulgaria every 15 minutes.

It turns out that apart from the good news about new jobs, the technology that will be used into the new plant has something to do with the technology applied by Tesla. The range of the cars will be up to 200 km, and they will be charged even in ordinary socket. The Bulgarian base will be much larger than the company’s plant in Greece, where only cars are assembled.

The executive director of the company, investor Lyubomir Stanislavov, specified in the BNTprogramme „Business.BG“ that at full capacity, this plant will be able to produce one car every 10 minutes, the range will be up to 240 km and the investment will most likely exceed 140 million.